I think Halloween is kind of geared towards women. If you're a guy trying to find a Halloween costume that's "sexy," there are not a lot of options. You can be like a Johnny Depp pirate, a cowboy or maybe like Aladdin or something dumb. On the other hand, women have sexy everything. I mean EVERYTHING.

The Halloween store I was in the other day had to have had over 100 "sexified" women's costumes. From the classics like French Maid, Devil, and Police Officer, to sexy versions of super heroes, the Mario Bros. and food items. That's right, sexy food. When it comes to women's Halloween costumes, literally ANYTHING can be made super sexy.

But do women want all these hot costumes? As a man I'm obviously a big fan of looking at them, but maybe a girl just wants to be a regular pirate? I'm not saying women aren't hot in a regular costume, but hopefully you understand what I mean when I say "sexified."

So ladies, I'm curious, are you going to rock an extra sexy version of a costume, or be a little more conservative?  Let me know in our poll below, or take the poll here to get points!