No one’s ever accused Ashton Kutcher of being smart. He played an airhead on ‘That 70s Show’ and some of his decisions — like his controversial “brownface” PopChips commercial and that Joe Paterno tweet — are evidence of that. But, he was smart enough to hop on the ‘Two and a Half Men’ train and to land the role of a lifetime, playing Steve Jobs for the Apple founder’s biopic, which just started shooting and is scheduled to release in 2013.

However, the bigger question is: Was it a smart decision by the film’s producers to cast Kutcher as Jobs?

Many are skeptical about Kutcher in the role of the brilliant and divisive Jobs. We’ve seen glimpses of his dramatic abilities here and there in some of his rom-coms and thrillers, but some would say they were hardly to be taken seriously. Can we attribute his lightweight performances to his acting or to the direction and dialogue? For this production, he’ll have first time writer Matt Whiteley providing the lines while ‘Swing Vote’ helmer Joshua Michael Stern will be barking orders.

He looks the part, but the elements just don’t add up. We’re leaning towards this being a bust, but we’re hoping to be pleasantly surprised. What do you think?

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