Many people in our area have watched with anticipation as the new construction came up in the Wal Mart parking lot.  Once we learned that it was a new flagship AT&T store, the excitement built even further!  I got to spend some time there this Saturday (Aug 23), and lots of fun was had by me and the whole gang. Darren and the gang helped customers left and right while we also gave away some great prizes: an ASUS Phadphone X, a Samsung Galaxy Note, and the new Samsung Galaxy S 5 phone.  But, we weren't going to just hand them out - you had to work for em!

We had an on air song you had to identify, a scavenger hunt, and  a line dance contest!

But all in all, fun was had by everyone who was there, and with all the newest advances at AT&T, it made for a wonderful afternoon.  Make sure you stop  by and see them soon!

Galaxingly yours,



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