As I was using my phone yesterday afternoon I noticed that I was having problems with my Yahoo Mail and Outlook Mail apps. It then went on to other problems with other apps that I use daily. Turns out it just wasn't on my phone but for many Android users.

After restarting my phone about a half a dozen times, I went into the menu and looked for updates but there weren't any new ones to download. Later in the early evening I went to the AT&T store in Sedalia to have one of their employees to check it out to see if I was having some type of weirdo issue with my phone. Turns out it wasn't just was a lot of Android users that were experiencing it.

The employee searched online to see if there was something going with other Android users and we found out the problem. At the time he told me the article that he was reading said an enormous number of phones were experiencing the same dilemma. So I didn't feel like the Lone Ranger. (Ask your parent/grandparents about that reference)

According to an article on

Last night, Android users noticed a problem that left them unable to launch a number of popular apps, including Gmail and the Google app. Tapping on the app icon would result in the app immediately shutting down.

The article goes on to say there's a way to fix the problem. No I'm no Android phone expert so I'm just the messenger here...if you will uninstall 'Android System Webview' via the Google Play Store. The story also includes the following about the fix-"Google has now rolled out a patch - meaning that updating the Android System WebView is now the correct way to solve the problems for good."

I may attempt this myself or I may get my 6th grade grandchild to do it for me. Imagine it will go more efficiently going that route!

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