Another scam has surfaced in the Sedalia area, and AT&T cellular customers are the ones that have been victimized by a phone scam. Sedalia Police reports that a call is received with caller ID listing the source as AT&T Customer Care.

The person tells the customer AT&T is conducting a survey to better serve their customers and as a reward for participating, the customer will receive a 30% discount on their next phone bill. The caller then asks several questions relating to the customer's satisfaction with AT&T's services followed by questions that purport to verify the customer's account information so the discount can be applied. Finally, the customer is told they will receive a call from an AT&T supervisor to verify the phone call and information.

No follow up call is received. The account information is used by the unidentified perpetrators to make overseas calls which will be charged to the customer's account. The phone number that appears with the AT&T Customer Care heading is an actual AT&T number that has been “spoofed” by the scammers to make the call appear genuine. However, if the number is called by the customer, the AT&T rep they reach will have no knowledge of the survey they are inquiring about.

AT&T identified some of the affected customers when they contacted their service provider to inquire about their phones functioning improperly. In those cases, the only solution is to disable the SIM cards in the customer's phone and replace it with a new one.

If someone has participated in this survey and has not contacted their service provider, they should do so immediately. Once they receive their phone bill, if there are any overseas calls that were not made by the customer, they should contact their service provider to see what can be done to rectify the situation.


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