There is so much stuff going on at the Missouri State Fair that is so important to people in our area. Farming, agriculture and youth in farming are so very vital to our way of life. So of course, a lot of what goes on at the Fair is showing off how great they all are! These farmers and their families really work so incredibly hard to produce such wonderful livestock and product, and it's a great showcase for all their talents.I stopped by the Agriculture Building to see just what was going on this year, and it never disappoints.  As soon as you walk in, you're going to be smelling something delicious - and that's saying something with all the food at the grounds!  The craftsmanship here is really amazing.  You should be sure to check out the Agriculture Building as soon as you can!

I think the stuffed feral pig might live in my nightmares, but hey. Maybe he can be destroyed by those clever kids that make the can statues.

Agriculturally yours,

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