Everywhere you go these days . . . on the street, at a restaurant, at the movies . . . you see people staring straight down at their phones.  Unless you're too busy staring at YOURS.  So . . . has it become socially acceptable? 

A new survey asked people when it is and isn't appropriate to use your cell phone in public.  Here are the results . . .

47% say it's acceptable to use your phone for talking or texting when you walk down the street.  17% say it's only acceptable for talking . . . not looking down and texting.

34% say it's acceptable to be on your phone when you're checking out at a store.

28% say it's acceptable to be on your phone texting when you're with other people at a restaurant.  Another 48% say it's only okay to pull out your phone at a restaurant if you're sharing something on it with the group.

26% say it's acceptable to use your phone in a movie theater during previews . . . 6% say it's acceptable to text during a movie . . . and 3% think it's acceptable to TALK on your phone during a movie.

Tell me in our new survey what your cell phone use is like.  When do you turn your cell phone on in the morning?  Do you check it in the bathroom? Before you even get out of bed? Take the survey and you'll get points to win prizes!

Cellularly yours,

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