Electronics have become such a big part of our lives that the thought of being without them, even for a short time, terrifies some people.

For the most part, Americans seem pretty happy with their devices, according to the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index, although maybe not quite as pleased as last year, depending on the gadget.   Using a scale of zero to one hundred, customers gave personal computers a 78 rating, which is down slightly from 2013. Meanwhile, laptops got a score of 76, compared to 80 last year, while tablets fell from 81 to 80.  However, desktops seem to be making a comeback of sorts, the ACSI found, rising from a score of 78 to 81 in 2014.  As far as computer brands are concerned, Apple ranked first in customer satisfaction, followed by Dell and Acer.  Meanwhile, TVs, which seem low-tech compared to everything else these days, rated the highest among everything in the ACSI with score of 86, a slight improvement from last year.

I personally am very happy with my little Nintendo Wii.


I know it's not the hippest, slickest new gadget but it's just a good value for me. It does what I want it to and wasn't too expensive. I know boyfriendo loves his Xbox, but he also loves any kind of kitchen device - the Ninja, the George Forman Grill, anything like that he just loves. So let me know what you think, and I'll share your answers on the air!

Gadgetly yours,


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