I was looking through the news this week and I saw a lot of talk about different trends in health and losing weight. Dr. Oz got in trouble with Congress over the weight-loss products he promotes on his show.He testified in front of the Senate consumer protection panel, and basically admitted that there's no scientific evidence that they work. But he still believes in them and uses them for himself. He doesn't endorse specific products or companies on his show, but he often talks about natural supplements like green coffee, and he sometimes makes claims that aren't supported by research. He's actually a heart surgeon, not a nutritionist. Our Senator from Missouri, Claire McCaskill,  is the chair of the committee.  She was the one who called Dr. Oz out on some of the claims he's made on his show. She asked him why he would make unsupported claims when he knows they're not true, when he could be using his show to provide real education about healthy eating and weight loss. Dr. Oz didn't really back down on his claims, even though he admitted that the FDA would never approve a supplement like green coffee. Dr. Oz also said his biggest mistake was NOT endorsing specific products on his show.  He thinks its because that leaves it open for dishonest companies to come in and put bad products on the market, and sometimes to imply that Oz had endorsed them. Oz says he should have told his audience exactly where to buy the supplements, so they'd always get the best stuff.  Now for me, I've never been huge on some of the latest "health" fads like cutting carbs, drinking Acai juice, or whatever the latest thing is.  But then, I am a chubbster, so maybe I SHOULD be listening to the research.  That's what made me wanna turn to you guys with my latest Enquiring Minds question:  Have you ever tried a fad diet or health product?  Did it work?  Would you recommend it to someone else? Let me know here in our survey and I'll share your answers on the air!

Fadly yours,