Every week I try to think of a different question about something I've read in the news about things that we're thinking about.  Then I ask you about your opinion, and we talk about it on the air. This week I asked about everything from school supplies to free time to the riots in Ferguson.  You weighed in, and here's a look at what you thought.

On Monday, I asked about the changes in education.  I know some kids in Columbia don't get textbooks, but tablet computers instead.  So I wanted to know if things that like changed how you bought your school supplies for the year.  Most of you said that yes, you've spent more this year on school supplies than the year before.  And most of the things you've bought have been pretty  normal like notebooks, glue, pens, pencils, etc.

I had to buy my kid a fancy calculator for high school math.  I don't think I could work it if I tried.

Oh man, I couldn't work those things when I was IN school, much less now.

My child is too young, but I bought crayons.

Yeah, there are several of you who have kids who are too little. You represented here, as well.  But then there are those of you who like to go All Out.

I went all out on my son - it's his first year. So I bought him about 10 outfits and all the coolest things I could get for him. I spent about $ 500.00 on him!

WOAH! That's awesome, but it almost sounds like you had more fun shopping as he did! I'm sure he enjoyed that first day of school, though! And it's not like he's ever gonna have a first day in school again, right?

I didn't have to buy anything, but did buy my grandson a binder he wanted. Just because it was a Mizzou binder, it cost about twice what I could have gotten one without decorations. Gee, and he's only 9!!!

Dang! I guess they pay more to show that Mizzou pride, huh.

I didn't have to buy any this year.... was late on enrollment for classes.

Well, heck, that'll happen too. Sometimes things just get away from ya and you get behind. And if you're buying for yourself for college classes or trade school, that makes it even easier to forget.

On Tuesday, I asked about a new survey I saw that said that 58% of us have lied on our resume. So I had to ask - have you done that? The vast majority of you said a rousing NO.

No.  I try to be as honest as possible.   I know what I have and haven't done as well as what I can do.

That's a good way to look at it. If you're confident, after all - what could go wrong?

I haven't ever lied on one but I have left stuff out!

Aah, I see. I have left stuff off of mine, too. Nobody needs to know about that two whole days that I worked at McDonald's.

Hell, No! (Okay, I might be lying a little here!)

But I have gotten a little creative on my resume - I used to babysit in High School, and that always went on the resume as "child development and care". I never thought of it as a lie, just a creative repackaging to make it sound better.

On Wednesday, I asked you about a hot topic in the news. The riots and protests in Ferguson have made national news, and here in Sedalia someone is organizing a protest. I asked if you were planning to attend - and what you thought of the situation.  Some of you took a bit of a blase attitude towards the whole thing.

No.  Better things to do.

And some of you were more impassioned...

No, it wouldn't solve a thing. Did anyone consider that maybe, just maybe, both were at fault? Maybe the boy made a bad choice and maybe the police officer got spooked and fired a little too quickly. We all have our faults. May this be resolved peacefully.

I agree with that. I do think there has been fault on both sides, and I do hope there is a peaceful resolution. I'm sure the protest that happens here will be peaceful.

No, why encourage the behavior going on in Ferguson. If the situation was reversed there would never be this much publicity.

I was a little confused by this one - reversed how? Like, if a cop had been shot instead of a guy? Or if it was a white guy shot instead of a black guy? I don't know, I think it would have been just as controversial, because of the attention the police drew to themselves with the armored response. I think that's the thing that drawing the most attention, but hey - I could be wrong.  But then, some of you think that the attention IS the problem.

No, there is no reason for us to get involved and make the situation receive even more attention, I feel like those protesting are just wanting a slice of the attention pie...

Then there were those of you who decided to take a lighter view.

Naw, I won't be attending - my cardio isn't good enough.  It'd be embarrassing to fall behind the march.

On Thursday, I decided to talk about something more pleasant. I saw another survey that said that the average American, after work, home obligations, and all that - has about two hours of free time a day. So I asked you, what do you do with that free time?


.............Okay. So, is that really "free" time then? I mean, if you're working through it, it doesn't seem an awful lot like spare time to me.

I go to the gym for that 2 hours if not more.

Geeezy creezy. I bet you're, like, strong. I should ask you to open my pickle jar.


Read my paper or play on the computer!

That sounds like something I would do. I end up reading endless lists on Buzzfeed or going through the archive of Not Always Right. That probably explains why I can't open my pickle jar.

I'm a napper.  I tend to nap in my down time. I sure miss kindergarten where it was ok to nap!

In reality, this is what I end up doing. I end up falling asleep on the couch to Dirty Jobs or anything on Investigation Discovery.

Well, that's been a week's worth of questions about the Missouri State Fair and what you love best about it.  Make sure you join me next week for another round of questions about all sorts of different stuff.  You can take some of the old surveys and get points, and use them to win prizes.

Questioningly yours,

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