Most people don’t know what they’ll be doing this weekend, much less the answer to the biggest question of all: When are you going to die?

Well, a new iOS app called Deadline can’t make plans for your weekend but it will supposedly give you an idea of when you’ll meet your maker, provided something unforeseen doesn’t happen first.  Scanning your iPhone’s Healthkit tool, Deadline uses information like height, blood pressure, hours slept, steps walked daily and a few other pertinent facts to give you a ballpark date and time of when you’ll breathe your last.

Of course it can't pinpoint the date you're gonna die accurately, but they're first to try. So while no one lives forever, at least you might be able to improve your lifestyle a bit to extend your own personal deadline.  What do you think?  If this really worked, would you want to know? Tell me why or why not and we'll talk about your answers on the air!



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