Folks, as you may or may not remember here lately, I moved into a different house recently.  I've decided to "Become an Adult," and in that process there's some yard work and stuff to be done. So boyfriendo and I have been out most weekends weeding, planting, cleaning, raking, you name it.  We've begun to get to an acceptable happy place where all we have to do is water stuff and wait for it to grow. Until now.

Someone in my neighborhood, for reasons bewildering to me, cut my water hose! They just took the thing, and sliced it right open. They took off one end, so there's nothing to connect it to the house anymore.

I do not understand this. There can't be enough metal there to warrant maybe a half dollar if someone tried to use it for scrap. So the only reason I can imagine is that they are just mad at me for watering my plants. WHY?! I don't understand!

Why did you have to hurt Ol' Greenie?  He didn't have anything to do with this! He was just weeks away from retirement, he was too old for this s...tuff.   I don't know if someone in the neighborhood is mad at me, if some kids got bored, or if someone just wanted the metal, but either way, it totally darkened my afternoon.

So I turn to you, wonderful readers, and ask you to share my pain by sharing yours.  Have you ever been the victim of vandals?  Tell me all about it and we'll share your answers on the air.

Grieving for Ol Greenie,