When I was a kid, the summertime meant going to the pool.  We lived on the West side of town, so we ended up going to Liberty Pool quite a bit. In fact, there was a time when I was maybe four or five years old that we went to pool so often that my hair turned from a lightish brown to a blonde.  We went every day after my sister's piano lesson.  My mom and her friends would sit at the side of the pool, nap, and tan.  We kids would, well, be kids.  This was way before the upgrades to the pools, and back then you just had one big pool and one little kid pool.  No slides, no sprinklers, NOTHIN.  In later years, I learned the joy that is amusement parks. And along with my love of amusement parks, came a deep love of water parks.  I've only been to couple - Big Surf and Schlitterbahn - but I know some of you have made your way to Oceans of Fun, or the Silver Dollar City White Water, Cape Splash Family Aquatic Center, Hurricane Harbor, or some of the others.  Lately a lot of the buzz has been about Schlitterbahn and their new  Verrückt ride, which is supposed to be the world's biggest water slide.


It's so popular that they're not even just letting you stand in line - you have to make a reservation in the morning to get on the thing.   So while I'm not patient enough to go through all that, Boyfriendo, the kids and I are probably going to go to Schlitterbahn this weekend.  Which leads me to asking you guys about YOUR favorite water parks.  Which ones have you been to, and which did you like best?  What's your favorite ride?  Tell me all about it and I'll share your answers on the air!

Verrücktingly yours,