Sedalia City Council awarded a few bids and heard a few presentations Monday night.

Public Works Director Brenda Ardrey had applied for and was awarded a grant to use recycled scrap tire materials to construct a nature trail at Sedalia's animal shelter site. The trail was referred to as the Prairie Queen Trail that will allow pet owners to walk their dogs.

A request fir proposal yielded only two bids, and the low bid did not meet the requirement that the materials to be Missouri sourced. Therefore the other bid from National Playground, LLC, was accepted in the amount of $52,831.

Septagon Construction Co., Inc., was awarded a $10,392 bid to perform site work and concrete sidewalk construction at the new Sedalia Police headquarters at Third and Kentucky.

The Council also decided that an $8 monthly fee would be established for those residents who want an additional trash cart (or recycle cart) in addition to the two that were issued a couple of weeks ago.

The Citizen's Traffic Advisory Committee and city staff recommended the removal of stop signs on Montgomery at 4th and 6th Streets. City Council agreed.

Council also agreed to a loaner truck to be provided by Big Truck Rentals, LLC, and paid for by the company Sedalia purchased two new sanitation trucks from in 2016, due to the lengthy delay in delivery. The company will bear the cost of the rental ($12,000), while the City has to put up a $1,500 refundable deposit. The loaner is expected to arrive Oct. 29, while the new trucks may be delivered by Nov. 15. Councilwoman Megan Page voted no on the proposal.

Council also listened to former County Commissioner John Meehan, who presented a Powerpoint in support of Proposition D.

If approved by voters, Prop D will increase the state's gas tax 2.5 cents annually for four years for a total hike of 10 cents per gallon.

Meehan stated that about $1 million will find its way back to Pettis County for road improvements.

In addition, Prop D will exempt Special Olympic prizes from taxation, as well as establish an "emergency state freight bottleneck fund."

Council also heard from Sedalia Animal Shelter Director Randi Battson, who presented a strategic planning want-list for much-needed items at the shelter. The total cost of the list would cost a little over $16,000, she said.

City Administrator Kelvin Shaw emphasized Battson's presentation was not a budget request, but rather a strategic planning proposal.

In his financial update, Shaw noted that Sedalia's sales tax figures for October, representing August sales, were low compared to a year ago. However, the use tax was higher than a year ago.

Mayor Kehde noted that all city offices (except public safety) will be closed on Monday, Dec. 24, Christmas Eve. Employees will be given the option to take a vacation day or work that day. The idea is to give them a four-day weekend if they so choose. The sanitation department will work that day, he noted.

Prior to the start of Monday night's meeting, members of Boy Scout Pack 61 met with Mayor Kehde and City Councilmen in a civics exercise. The pack remained for the duration of the 75-minute meeting.

Council then adjourned to closed-door session following the public meeting.

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