The Bothwell Regional Health Center Foundation is raising funds to place a chapel back into the Bothwell Regional Health Center (BRHC). The chapels were removed from the hospital after extensive renovations about five years ago.

“The Ministerial Association, led by Dr. Drew Hill at that time, was consulted before the decision was made to discontinue use of the chapel," said Bothwell Regional Health Center Foundation Director Lisa Church. "At that time, patients and families rarely used the room because its location wasn't very accessible, since it was on the back side of the Radiology Department, which at one time was near the front of the hospital. When the chapel space was repurposed, we established two rooms for family use when they needed a quiet, private place to grieve or to meet with a chaplain. One is located near CCU, and the other is near the Emergency Department.”

Since that time, the hospital has been without a chapel. However, BRHC did establish a chaplaincy program a little over five years ago headed by Staff Chaplain Tony Chapman. BRHC has a group of volunteer chaplains, who work with patients and family throughout the year at any location in the hospital.

Last year, a patient commented to the hospital that they would like to see a chapel in the hospital to have a quiet and spiritual place in time of need. BRHC met back with the Ministerial Association since they have changes in leadership in the last five years. The Ministerial Associated decided it would be a good idea to have a chapel again.

The Bothwell Regional Health Center Foundation was tasked with coming up with the funds to build the chapel. “Office space used by the Bothwell Auxiliary has been designated as a site for a smaller inter-faith spiritual space," Church said. "It's on the first floor adjacent to the main elevators in the lobby. The estimated cost is about $50,000. So far, we've raised $16,000."

The 180-square foot room will have soft lighting, natural wall and floor finishes and chairs with kneelers.

Donations are being accepted online for the inter-faith chapel project.