Bothwell Regional Health Center has many people use its health services and in this area. English, Spanish and Ukrainian languages are pretty frequent to the hospital. Bothwell Regional Health Center has an interpreter, Ruth Cuevas, who on an average month follows 80 patients through the various departments at the main hospital and another 80 to 100 patients at Bothwell OB/GYN Associates and the Diagnostic Center. That is a lot of work for one interpreter to do, plus the team of help under Cuevas guidance.

Bothwell Regional Health Center now has additional help with the Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) is available at Bothwell Regional Health Center as well as at Bothwell OB/GYN Associates. The new option for interpreter coverage expands and improves communication for Limited English Proficiency patients and their families.

“Quality of patient care trumps everything,” said Ruth Cuevas, Bothwell’s coordinator of Interpretive Services. “This is a wonderful resource to provide quality care and offer options to our patients and their families to meet their needs.”

The Video Remote Interpretation works with a camera, speakers and antennae to boost wireless capability are on a mobile cart already in use on the nursing floors. Interpreters can be reached by clicking an icon, selecting the language and entering a patient identification number, which allows for later tracking of the conversation if needed.

The VRI, which offers interpreters in 38 languages, can also be used for sign language.

“It is similar to Skype, but it is much better quality,” Cuevas said. “The camera can be positioned so the patient and the interpreter can see and hear each other. It works if the patient is lying down or sitting up.”