As the Milwaukee Brewers win baseball games this season, their fans can win, too. Marking the coolest thing the team has done for its fans since the Sausage Race, the Brewers are giving fans who buy the Chance 2 Advance ticket plan a seat upgrade each time the Brewers win one of the nine games included in the package.

The pre-selected tickets start out in Bernie's Terrace — the upper deck in left field. When the Brewers win one of the games in the $99 package, Chance 2 Advance ticket holders get a seat upgrade with a convenience fee of $2. During the plan's subsequent games, fans get better seats each time Milwaukee wins, and they stay in the same section if the Brewers lose. If the Brew Crew wins all eight games, fans get to sit in the Diamond Box, the park's best seats, in the ninth game. Box seats for $13? Great idea!

For years, some college and pro basketball teams have offered promotions which give fans free eats if the home team scored 100 points, but this is an even better idea. The Brewers have given fans more of a reason to be invested in the outcome of the game. Milwaukee may have also placed manager Ron Roenicke under increased scrutiny.

"Hey, Roenicke! Get that pitcher outta here; there are box seats riding on this game!"

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