On Monday, July 22, the Sedalia City Council held a work session, and as a newsman for Townsquare Media here in Sedalia, I was there in that capacity. One of the topics of conversation that received the most response from everyone prior to the work session was the items of history that were displayed for many years in the Pettis County Courthouse, and of course, the Black Bear that was enclosed in a glass case and sat facing the Ohio Street entrance to greet people as they entered. The county’s artifacts that those my age and older had enjoyed for all those years were removed and now sit in the Historical Society Museum, where few people see them (estimates of 15 people or less over a several month period is a figure given to me by a board member last year).

The moving of all the historical articles, which include items from the Revolutionary War through the Korean War, was accomplished at the behest of a very few, including Presiding Commissioner Rusty Kahrs when he had that power, and took it. Pettis County has a rich heritage, but many of our children will never learn of it because the proof is in a place few people visit.

The bear was something that drew little boys and girls to our county seat, and with them came their shopper parents. The bear is said to need some work to restore it with a cost of around $3000 to $4000, That sounds like a fundraiser to me, all we have to do is get the county commissioners and the board of the Historical Society to agree.

Would you like to see the bear restored?  Let us know in the comments.