Today is Earth Day!  We all want to do our bit to make the place a little better, a little more clean than we left it. 

That's always what my Dad said when we went camping, anyway.  Something about leaving no trace? I don't know.  But Earth Day can often get a little overwhelming because there is so much to do, so you kind of just don't do anything, right?  Wrong! Not this year!  This year there's a great local event right outside of Sedalia.  You can go and help with the clean up over at Spring Fork Lake!

Well, it'll really be this Saturday, not Earth Day, but that's because they're going to spend the morning cleaning with the volunteers, and then they'll have some lunch.  And there are activities!  Here's what the city's website says about the event.

The Missouri Department of Conservation will have a display of plans for the new boat ramp and dock, the Department of Natural Resources will be teaching children how to make “edible aquifers” out of ice cream and cookies, and a representative from the Sedalia Parks Department will be on hand to lead a wildflower identification class.  We will also have several pieces of agricultural equipment on display and other earth-friendly displays and information.

The event will start at 9:00 a.m. Saturday and go into the early afternoon, a little after two or so.  So why not bring the whole family, learn about conservation, learn a little about the environment, and learn a little about cleaning up here locally?  Sounds like a good way to celebrate Earth Day to me!

Earthily yours,


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