Charolais and their FFA owners were on display and competing at the Coliseum Saturday morning at the 2020 Missouri State Fair.

The show was moving along smoothly, until one bovine decided to kick up her hooves and make a run for it during judging and take her handler along with her.

The FFA member hit the ground, but got back up and appeared uninjured. Another woman grabbed the reins of the Charolais when the cow settled down after experiencing a brief moment of freedom.

Judging resumed and the show went back to normal. 4-H and FFA Herefords were up for judging at 1 p.m. in the Coliseum.

Social distancing was encouraged at the Coliseum through the use of yellow caution tape attached to every other row in the seating area.

On Sunday, there will be Main Anjou shown at the Donnelly Arena, and Crossbred and other Heifers shown by 4-H and FFA members at the Coliseum.

The 2020 Youth Livestock Show runs through Aug. 23. For more information, visit

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