In 2018, the City of Sedalia received a Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance (TRIM) Grant through the Missouri Department of Conservation.

A press release from the City says the grant provided funds for completion of a partial tree re-inventory along certain street right-of-ways and public property, such as Liberty Park and Crown Hill Cemetery.

This year’s partial re-inventory included a total of 1,601 trees. The first area included in the re-inventory was 3rd Street on the north to Broadway Ave on the south and Limit Ave on the west to Ohio Ave on the east.

The second was Broadway Ave on the north to 11th Street on the south and Stewart Ave on the west to Ohio Ave on the east.

The third area was Crown Hill Cemetery. The City’s Street Department staff has been working on trees identified in the re-inventory as needing maintenance, trimming or removal, as well as continuing to work on trees damaged during the area's winter storms

Trees were also planted this year as part of the TRIM grant efforts. The beginnings of a new grove presently having twelve trees was established on public property in a location adjacent to Crown Hill Cemetery.

The City says the trees planted include northern red oak, October glory maple, swamp white oak and a London planetree.

For any questions regarding the activities, call the Public Works Department at 827-3000 ext.1166.

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