Sedalia crews are conducting smoke tests of the sewer in two sections of town this week.

The City says that Water Pollution Control Division crews will be conducting smoke tests of the sewer system on Thursday (April 25) and Friday (April 26).  A press release indicates that City crews already placed door hangers on homes and businesses earlier this week to advise of the tests.

Smoke testing involves blowing air and smoke into the sewer system through manholes. The testing is one technique used to identify structural defects or damages to sewer pipes or areas where there may be leaking joints in the sewer pipe requiring repair.

There is also the potential potential for rainwater to enter the sanitary sewer system, anywhere smoke exists.

Specific areas where smoke tests will be conducted include:-

- An area bounded on the north by W. Morgan Street, on the south by W. Pettis Street, on the west by N. Park Ave and on the east by N. Prospect Ave.

- An area bounded on the north by E. Johnson Street, on the south by E. Cooper Street, on the west by N. Ohio Ave and on the east by N. Washington Ave.

The City says the smoke that exits the vent stacks on houses or holes in the ground from smoke testing is non-toxic, harmless, and has no odor and does not create a fire hazard.

To help prepare for the smoke test of your home, including the basement and garage, has floor drains or if you have infrequently used shower or sink drains, you are asked prior to the test dates to pour a gallon of water into each of those drains to prevent smoke from entering your home or business through these potentially dry drains.

Homeowners do not need to be home while smoke testing is occurring and Water Pollution Control staff should not ask to enter your residence or business.

Water Pollution Control staff will be documenting the testing, taking photos and measurements, so that any defects found may be repaired at a later date.

The work is weather dependent.

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