The City of Sedalia is planning more than 37 miles of work on the City’s streets during the 2018 construction season. Currently, the City has more than 169 miles of streets to maintain. Annually, the City Council makes funding available for various infrastructure projects including street maintenance and repair.

This year’s budget includes $600,000 for street repairs and maintenance. The City plans to complete chip and seal (260 blocks), asphalting (50 blocks) and reclamation (35 blocks) projects as detailed below.

This year’s schedule includes reclamation and asphalting of 35 blocks of streets in the area bounded by S. Ingram on the east to S. Massachusetts on the west and 24th Street on the north to 28th Street on the south.

The City has been working closely with Pettis County on the reclamation process used on existing city streets with 55 blocks being reclaimed over the past two summers. The reclamation process involves removing a layer of existing roadway, the removed material is crushed, the crushed material is injected with a binding material and the “reclaimed” material is then placed back on the roadway. Once replaced, a new layer of asphalt completes the process.

Chip and seal is a process that places a coating of road oil on the existing city street followed by a layer of fine crushed rock or “chips.” The chip and seal process “seals” an asphalt roadway and reduces impacts from freezing and thawing during winter months.

Areas being chip and sealed will have signs posted along the roadway the week before work is scheduled to begin. Each week a Public Service Announcement will be issued providing drivers with notice of where planned maintenance will occur in the coming week to allow them to plan alternate routes to avoid delays.

The more familiar process used by City crews is asphalting of roadways. Asphalt or “blacktop” is made from a mixture of bitumen or asphalt and crushed stone, gravel or sand which is applied to a roadbase. Information related to those streets being asphalted this year will be included in the Public Service Announcement and signs will be placed in the neighborhood the week before work begins.

For questions about streets or to report a pothole or other roadway problem, please contact the Public Works Department at (660) 827-3000, ext. 1166.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

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