With spring approaching, garage sales will be popping up around town and the City of Sedalia is reminding residents about garage sale regulations and permits.

The City of Sedalia says no permit shall be issued to any person more often than 3 times in one calendar year; nor shall any permit be issued for any sale to be held on the same premises more often than 3 times in any one calendar year.

Garage sales can be held for 2 calendar days and permits are free of charge.

Permits must contain the name of the person having the sale; the physical address of the sale; date(s) of sale; and a contact phone number. Garage sale permits can be obtained in person at the City Clerk’s Office. You can also apply online cityofsedalia.com.

Click on the “City Departments” tab, “City Clerk” and then “Garage Sale Permit Application."

Fill out the required information and click submit. When the application is submitted, an email is sent to the City Clerk’s Office for processing and once the application is processed, a permit will be emailed to the requestor.

For more information on garage sale permits, call the City Clerk’s Office at 827-3000.

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