The City of Sedalia set aside over a half-million dollars Monday night to pay for a new firetruck that will arrive in the fall of 2019.
Fire Chief Greg Harrell gave the City Council details on a new Rosenbauer rear-mount pumper truck that will replace a 1993 Pierce pumper now in reserve status.

Harrell noted that a total of $30,823 in savings will be realized overall. The final cost of the truck after all the discounts offered will be $529,929. The City budgeted $550,000 for the new truck.

There will be a 13-month construction period once the contract is signed on Tuesday. “At that point, they (Rosenbauer Minnesota, LLC) have 395 days to deliver the apparatus. We will then give the rep out of Colorado 90 days to use the truck as a demonstrator to take around to other fire departments so they can see the some of the new technology, etc.,” Harrell said.

As a result, “both the manufacture and the dealer's rep made some pretty heavy financial concessions, with approximately $30,000 taken off the price of the truck. In addition, they're putting on about $12,000 worth of extra equipment for other departments to see,” he explained. “This is extra stuff we wouldn't normally be able to afford.”

The new pumper truck “will be built to our specifications and our needs,” Harrell added. “So making it a demonstrator was a win-win for us and a tremendous way for us to save money.”

The warranty period for the new apparatus begins the day the Sedalia Fire Department takes delivery, he noted.

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