The City of Sedalia’s “Clean Sweep” program begins Monday, April 13. The City encourages residents to take advantage of this service to assist in cleaning any unwanted trash, bulky items and yard waste from their property.

The City has been divided into 12 sections encompassing the entire area served by the City’s Sanitation Division. Beginning the week of April 13 and continuing through the week of July 6, each area will have a Clean Sweep event. No events are planned during the weeks of Memorial Day or Independence Day.

The map and table below further describes these areas. The individual pick-up on demand service for a fee will not be available during the Clean Sweep Event time frame, April 13 through July 6, but will be available the balance of the year.

Additional information about the boundaries of the areas and Clean Sweep Events is provided on the City’s website at:

Each household may place up to 4-cubic yards of bulky waste and 4 cubic yards of yard waste in front of their residence for pick-up during the week of their Clean Sweep Event.

Collection of more than four cubic yards of bulky waste and four cubic yards of yard waste from any residence will result in an additional charge of $26 per cubic yard to those having additional materials for disposal.

Pickup on demand service which is available during the balance of the year costs $28.50 per cubic yard.

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