The National Weather Service is predicting temperatures to be in the mid twenties on Tuesday (Jan. 6), before temperatures dip down into the single digits on Wednesday.

"Tuesday night we will see temperatures drop into single digits with wind chills hitting -10 to -15 below zero on Wednesday and Thursday morning," said Sedalia/Pettis County EMA Director David Clippert. "Frostbite can happen quickly to exposed skin. Frostbite normally occurs on the fingers, ears, nose and chin. To limit your risk ensure you have good protective clothing, limit your time outdoors, and take frequent breaks to help warm up. If working outside keep an eye on your fellow workers.There is a possibility of snow this weekend. So far it doesn’t appear to be much but it’s still a little far out to get a good picture on it."

With kids getting back into school, please make sure your kids are layered and warm for their trip to school.

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