The Sacred Heart Gremlins came up short in their Missouri State Baseball Tournament quarterfinal game against the Community Trojans, losing 9-4.

The Trojans started the scoring early with a first-inning home run by shortstop Gavin Allen.  Leadoff hitter Ayden Meranda also homered in the third inning, giving the visiting team Trojans, despite playing on their home field, a 2-0 lead.

Sacred Heart’s Connor Rice singled and scored in the bottom of the third helping keep the game close at 2-1.

The Trojans offensive attack picked up steam, though, with the Laddonia-based high school scoring two runs in the fourth inning, two in the fifth, and three in the sixth with a balanced offense of five hits, two walks, and two Sacred Heart errors giving Community nine runs after six innings.

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The Gremlins scored two runs in the fifth inning, but Sacred Heart could not manage any more offense.  Trojan starting pitcher Mason Carroll threw the full seven innings, ending it with a complete game win.

Trojan Manager Joel Krato spoke with reporters after his team clinched a spot as one of the final four teams left in the Class 1 State tournament.

“It’s crazy man,” Krato said of the Trojans win.  “The community came out and supported us.  It was incredible.

“We didn’t do anything special that game,” Krato said of his team’s play in the game.  “We got a few bunts down.  We took the bases when they overthrew bases.  We put the ball in play, and we threw strikes.  That’s all we did."

Krato praised the work of his starting pitcher Mason Carroll.

“Talk about gall, audacity,” Krato said.  “He goes into the bottom of the sixth with 80 pitches.  He has 25 to go and two innings.  Still gets it done under 105.  Unbelievable.”
Sacred Heart’s Manager Nick Brashear talked about the Gremlins efforts against the Trojans.

“We came out.  We fought hard,” Brashear said.  “The ball just didn’t bounce our way today.

“They swung the bats,” Brashear said of the Trojans offense.  “They attacked the ball.  That’s all you can ask for.  Tip your cap to them."

Brashear concluded by discussing his rookie season as the Gremlin manager.

“It was a great season,” Brashear said of Sacred Heart’s 20-win season that included a win in the Sectional round against the Leeton Bulldogs. “I don’t think anybody expected us to make the splash that we made this year. I’m happy with the season. I couldn’t have asked for the season to go any better for my first year here. I’m glad to see these boys have some success this year.”

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