Well, it's time for our latest local do gooder to have a moment to shine!


This month, Central Bank of Sedalia has accepted the nomination of Ruth Dale. Let's find out more about Ruth and what she does here in West Central Missouri!

Her nominator, Karla Melton, had this to say about Ruth:

Ruth delivers meals with the Sedalia Senior Center three days a week. She leads a free line dance group two days a week, and anyone is able to attend. She helps out a youth group at First Methodist Church, and volunteers on many other projects. She has helped so many youth in our community, as she was a teacher and a tutor for many years. Ruth is always there with a kind heart and a listening ear.

So basically, Ruth is the Auntie you go to when you need a true, reassuring hand. She's just someone who can't sit still! She was a little hesitant even to talk to us because she's been following her Mother's example. Her Mom served the public quietly, and Ruth wanted to do the same thing! But we convinced her to come out and tell us about more in her life, and how much she's learned about Sedalia. She wanted to congratulate her nominator for fighting her way through cancer, and she considers Karla a hero herself! Ruth is volunteering somewhere all the time, particularly at the Senior Center, where she's a board member. But she also works with her church, the NAACP, and Reboot Combat Recovery - and they're even expanding what they do there with helping people deal with trauma, and just as importantly... recover from it.

Anyway, she's been an example of goodness (and strong calves!) in our neck of the woods for a long time with her partner Bob. I could go on. But why, when you can hear it from Ruth herself?  You can listen to Randy Kirby's interview with Ruth here, to get the full picture.

Congratulations, and more importantly, thank you, Ruth!
If you have an Unsung Hero you'd like to nominate, you can do that here.
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