As you may know, I love the game of hockey and the Detroit Red Wings. This year I made the decision to grow a beard during the playoffs, similar to when players in the NHL grow one until they lose in their round. I joined the beard-a-thon sponsored by Just For Men as a page to post my beard photos as it went from totally shaven to what you see now.

The Detroit Red Wings surprised me a bit with a first round series win over the Anaheim Ducks and then took the Chicago Blackhawks to a game seven, which was decided in overtime. So my beard made it almost a month.

I have to admit, it was fun to grow this beard, but this is definitely not my style. I honestly don't know how those guys on Duck Dynasty can keep it up, but more power to them. This beard doesn't make me happy, happy, happy.

I think what was fun was listeners seeing me in public and having people ask me about the beard. Some started to actually tell me they didn't watch hockey before and started cheering for the Red Wings, just to see my beard grow. With that being the case, I consider my mission accomplished on two counts. The first count is that I grew a beard and the second count is that I spread the word of hockey. I realize we are in basketball country, but it's nice to see people take interest. If my beard caused that to happen, then great.

Even though my beard will go away, there are 3,946 that took the challenge to grow a beard and they have raised over $267,000 in donations towards their charities. I find that amazing and wish the beard growers good luck and I hope you continue to watch hockey.