I was raised to treat a woman a certain way.  Always hold the door open, go get the car if the weather is in-climate and the "ladies first" rule is steadfast.  It seems my ways are a bit antiquated.

In a new survey, men have acted like jerks for so long that women don't even expect us to be gentlemen any more.  Moreover, if a guy tries to be polite and respectful, a woman is probably going to be suspicious and think he has ulterior motives.

More findings from the survey:

  • Four in five women say they would rather pay for their own meal on a first date.
  • Half of women are okay with paying the entire dinner bill on the first date.
  • Nine out of ten women would refuse a man's help if he offered to help her carry bags or something else heavy.
  • Four out of five wouldn't accept a man's coat on a cold day.
  • Eleven out of twelve women say that if a man offered his seat to her, she wouldn't accept it.

The last one made me think of something that happened to me recently.  I was in a place that had limited seating.  I had a chair and a woman was standing next to me.  I, of course, offered her my seat.  She refused.  That made me uncomfortable for the rest of the event.  Is chivalry completely dead?

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