The 4th of July is on Tuesday.  You might have a four day weekend, and if you do, you might need some ideas to make it fun. 

I know that I like to try to find cheap or free stuff to do.  I'm not saying I'm completely skint but, you've heard the jokes about radio salaries.  It's not like I'm going to be able to buy a case of Hennessey and go nuts. And honestly, I probably wouldn't want to!  NJ would like to spoil me more, but he just bought a car, and I don't want him to waste a bunch of money on me anyway.  SO.  What do you do?

 #1.)  Outdoor Concert.  There are always free 4th of July concerts and firework shows, so check out what's going on near you.  You know, like the big one we've been talking about on the Fairgrounds?  You can't beat that.

#2.)  Barbeque.  A barbeque is totally inexpensive to host if you make it a potluck.

#3.)  Something Historic.  Google your city to find out what local American memorials or museums are nearby.  Or if it's not something here in town, there are a lot of smaller museums in towns all around us.

#4.)  A Rooftop Bar.  Find a cool outdoor bar with a good happy hour.  You'll get to enjoy cocktails in the summer weather, and you might be able to see a nearby fireworks show.

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#5.)  Get Wet.  If you can't hit up a beach, find a friend with a pool.  I know you've heard that Centennial is doing half price admission on the 4th.

#6.)  Bonfire.  Get some friends together and have a bonfire.  And bring some sparklers to get into the spirit.

 #7.)  Movie Night.  If you just feel like staying in, have a 4th of July-themed movie night with stuff like "Independence Day""The Patriot" or . . . yeah, one of those.

What will you do with your 4th of July weekend?

Independently yours,

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