Artificial intelligence is about as popular as TINSEL these days, but Santa has found a way to harness the power of A.I. for good. No, really. In a way that's hopefully not going to take my gig, anyway.

Santa is using "robot elves" to produce and send messages to children (possibly for FREE) with the help of a company called Handwrytten, an "automated handwriting solutions company."

They offered to help Santa send out holiday cards. Here's how it works:

Parents can put in a good word for their kids by going to, and signing up with your email to receive a code. It comes in just a few minutes, or at least when I did it, it did. The first 6,000 requests are free (I managed to get in) then they'll begin charging a small fee.

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So I thought, well, why not? I should try this out. So I thought, who needs to hear from Santa? Maybe NJ's Mom? NJ? My new baby grand nephew? Who knows? It was super easy to fill out. It shows you how the cards will work, so it's a breeze. Now, there is a character limit (you can only send 400 words), and you only get two codes, but hey, free card from Santa!

Santa, with the help of A.I., will make sure the GOOD kids know that their notes and wish-lists have been received. Cards should arrive peppermint-scented, and containing a sprinkle of lookalike snowflakes, with a return address of the North Pole. They recommend placing orders by THIS FRIDAY. When I did it, there were over a thousand free ones left - but you know how it might go, they could be gone in a flash.

I didn't see any information about when the cards will arrive, but I'm assuming it's before Christmas. We'll have to wait and see! Here's hoping.... SOMEONE gets a nice card soon. I'm not telling.

Writingly yours,

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