With Halloween right around the corner, I find myself needing to make a decision. While I'm perfectly content handing out candy to all the kids on Halloween night, for some reason this year, I want to get spooked!

In the past, I would possibly go see a movie like Paranormal Activity 4, which just released a few days ago.  If I'm feeling cheap, I would throw on a classic like Jason or Nightmare on Elm Street. I have even went to a few haunted houses in my day, none of them ever live up the hype.

Lately, I have found myself searching for real haunted places in the area.  In my younger days, some friends and I saw an episode of Unsolved Mysteries which featured a story about a glowing tombstone in Leeton, Missouri.  Being that we lived in Warrensburg, we packed up and drove a few miles down Highway 13 to Leeton.  We asked a few locals at a gas station about the story and they pointed us to the right direction.  We all experienced the glowing tombstone that night!  While we all got spooked, the mystery was later solved. The glowing tombstone was a reflection from a barn light a couple of miles away.

Ever since that night, I have had an urge to really be spooked! I have heard a few stories of haunted buildings and sights in Mid-Missouri. I need to know what some of the best haunted locations are in the area!

If you know of any haunted locations, share them!  Or, share the best story or tall tale you have heard about the possibility of something being haunted in around here.

Here is a look at some haunted locations in the state of Missouri: