Hastings has been closed for a while. I used to go to the Warrensburg store pretty frequently. Usually at least once a week. I would also stop at Hastings in Jefferson City when I was traveling through that part of the state. It was pretty disappointing when news came that Hastings would be closing all of its stores late in 2016.

There aren't really any directly parallel stores to Hastings in either Warrensburg or Sedalia, but you can find some that are pretty similar within driving distance.


Slackers is a music/movies/games/toys/comics store that has locations across Missouri. There are two Slackers locations in Columbia. One is in Columbia Mall. The other is downtown at 1010 E. Broadway #101. There is also a Slackers at Capital Mall in Jefferson City. If you're ever in the St. Louis area, there are several Slackers locations on that side of the state.

Vintage Stock

Vintage Stock is also a lot like Hastings and Slackers. There are about a dozen locations around Kansas City, including stores Blue Springs, Lee's Summit and Independence. The company also operates V-Stock, which is to Vintage Stock kind of like what Walmart Supercenter is to regular Walmart. Same idea, only on a bigger scale. There are V-Stock locations in Missouri in some St. Louis-area malls.

I can't really recommend one over the other. I enjoy shopping at both Slackers and Vintage Stock. In fact, if either one of those businesses wanted to open up a location a little closer to us, well, I'd be pretty happy (hint, hint, Slackers and Vintage Stock).

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