My goodness, did winter arrive and make itself heard!  The brutal cold we are dealing with is certainly not something that many of us like to deal with.  The winter solstice arrived Dec 21st, and this Christmas and winter is off to a roaring start.

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I posed a question to our listeners and asked the question: What do you like about winter, if anything?  I was a little surprised by some of your responses, and at the same time, totally not surprised by you answers.  Lets break them down.

When It's Over

This was one of the most popular answers, and "likes".  I acknowledge that winters can be tough on so many levels, from the amount of snow we may get, how cold the temperatures could be, the running of our heaters and dealing with driving issues.

No Bugs

Eww Bugs Eww GIF - Eww Bugs Eww Bugs GIFs

A few responses mentioned that they liked winter from the standpoint of not dealing with any kind of bugs, flies, etc.  I loved these comments.  And I agree.


snow-falling-gif | PLOWZ and MOWZ

Some of our listeners like the snow in the winter. I don't mind a little, as long as I can drive through the streets and can get from point A to point B.  Kids can make snowmen in the front yard, have snowball fights, and I am glad we will have a White Christmas.

Hot Chocolate

Gourmet Hot Chocolate Milk with Cinnamon and Marshmallows
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If you are stuck inside and need something to warm you up, hot chocolate does taste a little bit better in the winter.  Don't you agree?  I think it is fair to say, that sales of hot chocolate mixes, and coffee shops drinks being made, increase during the winter.  Extra marshmallows please!

Drinks In The Car Stay Cold

Have you ever left a bottled water or a soda in your car overnight. Hopefully it didn't explode on you.  But in the colder months, if this happens, it just becomes frozen, or at least is very cold so you can still enjoy it the next day.


Nothing GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Another very popular response.  A lot of people apparently like 'nothing' about the winter.  Guess they prefer warmer climates.

You can read some more responses in the embedded Facebook post above.  Either way, lets just hope our winter in Sedalia and Warrensburg, and the other towns in our listening area aren't hit too hard, and we can start to look forward to Spring.

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