Today was the end of the beard-growing fun for me. People kept asking me if the beard was growing on me, and while it may have been growing, it is definitely not for me. I kept the beard for some family photos during my nephew's graduation, and then Harry from Huntin' and Fishin' with Harry said last week that he'd get a lot of people calling into the station to get me to have him trim my beard with his hunting knife. All I can say is that Harry may be great at hunting, fishing and carving, but the things he carves on are dead and I am quite alive. I gave it this weekend and then decided it was time for the beard to go. It has been over two weeks since the Detroit Red Wings lost in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, so it was time for me to lose some hair weight. Harry and Kaleb Filis both gave me a great idea: get a straight edge shave. I had never done that before, but heard it had an amazing feel.

Harry and Kaleb both recommended Brian Dick with Dick's Barber Shop and I finally went. I was a good sport and stopped by Stone Laser Imaging to get Harry to come with me, and I even said I'd let him get a few swipes with his hunting knife. Needless to say, he was excited for the opportunity.

We walked to Dick's Barber Shop and met the three barbers there, Brian Dick, Brandon Wolf and Dusty Ferrell, and I got to know the gang. They have been at 117 South Ohio since the 1950s and continue the family tradition. You can look around and still see the family photos and not much has changed in the store.

We talked about the process of a straight edge shave, and they said that not a lot of places do it anymore since more people prefer shaving at home. We talked about using Harry's knife to shave and the guys were kind enough to sanitize it. I told Harry he could do two swipes.

For the most part I wanted to feel what people talked about with the hot water and towels that just makes the back of your neck and face feel so great. Brian said a normal shave may last between 15-30 minutes, but we had some fun as our photos will show you. Dusty decided to put 105.7 on my beard, and then we also had some fun with Harry on the shaving.

I have to say, I'm not much on massages, but my favorite part of this process was having the hot towels over the head and then the feel of the straight edge razor. Just an amazing experience, I didn't even mind having it done a couple of times. I will admit getting out of the chair was a bit of a letdown as I loved just laying back and relaxing letting the pros do the work.

It was fun growing the beard, and I do think I'll make this a yearly tradition.  Thanks to Brian, Brandon and Dusty for being good sports at Dick's Barber Shop. I feel much younger without the beard and this is the closest shave I've ever had. I highly recommend people get it done at least once in their life.