I was driving around today and thought I'd share a few pet peeves that I notice on the road. I realize I'm far from perfect on my driving, so take these for what it's worth.

First off, I think there should be this understanding: when it's raining or close to dark, have your headlights on. I think in the day and age when daylights have been put on the car, maybe we have forgotten that you need to have lights on.  I find my Chevy Cavalier has daylights, but my wife's Nissan Versa does not, so maybe that contributes to when people don't put lights on, because they are used to another car.

Another pet peeve of mine happened the other day as I was making the right hand turn from Highway 50 to South 65.  There is a merging lane there. However, at any time vehicles are finishing their turns and swerve over there. It is a common courtesy that I do to watch for this traffic. I had someone honk their horn at me as I was waiting for a car to move by. It seems to me if I would have gone on through, I would have got into the accident as another car swerved into the merger.

The final driving pet peeve: if you're going into a roundabout, there is usually a yield sign. It is not a stop sign, so watch for the traffic to come around and then file right in behind. It amazes me how many people stop at the roundabout even when there are not any cars.

Again, I know I'm not perfect, but these three have become more the norm lately. What driving pet peeves do you have?

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