Guys, I will readily admit I am slowly becoming a cranky old lady.

I absolutely acknowledge it.  I see it all the time, when I'm at the Dentist, at the store, talking to people on the phone, I am getting Crankified all the time.

And honestly, I get crankiest when I'm out on the roads here in Sedalia.  I know we all want to be safe drivers, and that's important.  But being a safe driver actually has another benefit to you - it's going to help your gas mileage.

I know! Gas is super expensive these days.  My little car normally fills up at $30 if I let it get all the way to E.  This time, $40 didn't quite make it.  So wouldn't you want to save a little bit just by changing up a few habits?  And, you know, making one cranky old lady a little less cranky?

Of course you do.

So here's a few things I see that can easily be switched up.

1.  Knock It Off with the Driving Aggressively. Gunning it and hitting the brakes all the time wastes more fuel, because it takes more gas to get your car moving than it does to KEEP it moving. I know you've seen those guys and heard them on Broadway and Limit and... just everywhere.  Just also keep in mind, nobody is impressed by hearing how loud your car is.  Nobody over the age of 12, that is.

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2.  Flooring it when the light turns green. It's a lot better for your gas mileage if you speed up gradually. Plus, you just end up having to slow down and wait for people at the next light anyway, so it's kind of pointless.  So many times I see somebody just fly up to me from behind and pass me, then.... have to stop at the intersection of just like I do.  Are you sure you were so glad to get to the red light faster? Really?

3. Tailgating.  Everyone's going different speeds. So you end up hitting the brakes a lot, which kills your gas mileage. And you're also more likely to crash.  Which, you know, would be Bad.  At least to me.  My insurance is high enough, thank you very much.

What are some of your tips for getting better gas mileage?  Any tips for de-crankifying a little old lady before it's too late?

Crankily yours,


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