Just in case you didn't know, boyfriendo and I moved from a small apartment to an older two/maybe three bedroom house earlier this year. I've been surprised about the difference in some of the expenses - in a good and bad way. For example, our last apartment was a little duplex, but it wasn't insulated very well. As a consequence of that, our air conditioning bill at the duplex was actually MORE than it was this past summer at the house. I have been a little conservative with the AC, and I'm sure I will be with the heat, too. After all, you can always put on a sweater or blanket or something. It's all about making that money go as far as possible, right? Since we did so well this summer, I sure as heck would like to keep it that way this fall and winter with the heating bills. So, I turn to you guys, the awesome sources of knowledge. What do you do to lower your heating and cooling bills? Do you weatherproof your house - and if you do, what do you do? Is there something that you differently, depending on the season? Help a new homeowner out there, people!

Warmly yours,

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