If you filled up your tank yesterday you may have been greeted by a rude surprise.  Gas prices over two dollars a gallon.

I filled up at the Murphy Mart in Warrensburg, where the price was $2.02 a gallon.  The Break Time on Maguire was $2.09 according to GasBuddy. The Shell was $2.09. The Phillips 66 $2.14 and both Casey's were a whopping $2.19.

Misty at the Murphy Mart told me the Casey's price and mentioned she was going to fill up before she left work. That made me feel a little better about filling up yesterday morning. Kind of a hint that prices might keep rising.

In Sedalia all the Casey's are at $2.19. As is the Cenex on Thompson Boulevard and the Shell at Limit and Broadway. The Sinclair out on Highway 50 is $2.08. And the Eagle Stop out on Highway 50 is $2.19 as well. These prices are from GasBuddy.

We're still doing better than some states like New Jersey, Illinois and California. And we're beating the national average for a gallon of gasoline which is $2.35 according to AAA.

AAA says the national gas price average is the highest it's been in ten months. And this is with the lowest demand for gasoline since May of last year. According to AAA, gas cost six cents more than last week, and 16 cents more than a month ago. Although, it's still 27 cents cheaper than last year at this time.

“Gas prices are rising as supply tightens and crude oil gets more expensive. Decreasing demand is outweighed by these other factors at the moment,” said Jeanette Casselano McGee, AAA spokesperson. “Last week crude oil pushed to the highest price since before the pandemic. If crude prices remain high, Americans can expect to pay more at the pump this month.”

Well that stinks. It looks like we're going to have to open our wallets and dig a little deeper to fill our gas tanks as we continue into 2021. That's not good, especially for those who aren't working because of the pandemic, or those who have some extra bills to pay because COVID-19 has impacted their employment.

We'll do what we always do, figure it out, keep on truckin'.

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