Evergy tweeted about a new phone scam targeting their customers. Evergy says scammers are making calls and demanding immediate payment:

In most cases the scammers claim to be an Evergy customer service rep and tells the caller that he or she has a past due bill or has bounced a check. Then they ask for the credit card, debit card, bank information and other personal information. In some cases they talk about how a customer may have a defective meter or that the meter may catch fire.

Evergy wants customers to know they will never ask for credit or debit card information over the phone.

How can you keep yourself safe from scammers? Evergy provides the following tips on their website for customers:

  • Evergy does not email customers with threats to pay your account. If you're behind Evergy will send you a written disconnection notice along with ways you can work with them to prevent that from happening.
  • Monthly email reminders from Evergy do not contain specific bill information. The only time they e-mail bills is upon customer request.
  • Delete emails from utilities that are not your service provider.
  • Delete suspicious emails that require immediate action or ask you to verify personal information.


  • Scammers can spoof your caller ID. It's not that hard for them to make it look like a utility is calling you.
  • Never give out personal / financial information on the phone unless you know for a fact that you are dealing / calling the utility.
  • Don't hesitate to hang up the phone and contact the utility yourself.

Do these things and scammers will have a more difficult time separating you from your hard earned money.


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