A pilot program will allow the City of Sedalia to experiment with recycled materials to replace sidewalks in areas where tree roots pose a problem to current concrete sidewalks.

The program is contingent upon approval of a grant application applied for by Public Works Director Brenda Ardrey, it was noted at Monday night's City Council meeting.

The program, if approved would begin in front of the city's new police station on West 3rd.

The material, composed of recycled glass beads, rock, and a binding agent, will allow stormwater to pass through to the tree roots below, unlike concrete.

“It makes a real porous material you can run water through,” City Administrator Kelvin Shaw said. “It makes a great sidewalk and it's great in the areas where we have tree roots. It's more forgiving and won't bust up like the concrete does.”

Shaw said he thinks the City stands a pretty good chance of getting the grant for the recycled material. “If we don't get the grant, we'll still try to figure out some way to get it done,” he said.

The total grant application will be for $41,840 which will require $6,276 in matching funds from the City to make up the total project cost of $48,116.

In addition, Ardrey has identified seven locations within the city where collections sites for rubbish, including bulky items, can be set up.

The idea behind the sites is to reduce unsightly trash at the curb and make it more convenient for residents to dispose of their bulky trash and keep Sedalia clean.

The plan is also part of the grant application mentioned above. The grant, if approved, will include the containers that would be placed at the seven locations.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

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