So I threw out a couple of questions on the KIX 105.7 Facebook page. One was "Fake or real Christmas tree this year?" and the other was "Favorite Christmas candy."

For me I love the real tree but due to the cleanup and ease of getting the tree up and down in a reasonable time frame, we have gone to the fake tree. I had written a story a few days ago about growing up with a cedar tree as my tree of choice. Check that out if you have a chance.

We got a few responses back on the tree question. Here's the responses:

D.L. Baker - "Real"

S. Smith - "Fake"

R.I. McGraw - "Fake! No uninvited creatures for me!"

We had a slight edge on the numbers between the real and the fake trees this year. I'd have to say more fake ones.

So as we move on to the next question concerning favorite Christmas candy, we had some great suggestions:

S.G. Smith - "Peanut Brittle"

S. Marie - "For store bought, it's Reese's Christmas trees. For homemade is saltine cracker candy, sometimes called tree bark or Christmas crack."

Y.A. Neas - "My husband loves white chocolate covered pretzels. Mine is anything peppermint flavored"

C.M. Meyer - "Divinity"

T. Meyer-Rexroat - "Fudge"

For me it has to do something with what my mom always wanted in the last years of her life. Every Christmas she would have on her list of items from the grocery store, "Orange slices and peanut clusters." Because of her Christmas candy cravings, they have become my favorite.

What's yours?

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