The Sedalia City Council on Monday night amended an ordinance pertaining to feral cats, which approves a new feline trap-neuter-release program for animal control and adjusts the City's fee scheduled relating to adoptions.
Animal Shelter Manager Randi Battson said she was “super pleased” with the amended ordinance.

“I'm excited for the City to be able to try something new and excited for the possibilities of it improving our cat population in the town,” Battson commented after the meeting.

Those trapped, neutered and returned to the neighborhoods afterwards will have their left ear “tipped” to indicate to everyone they have been through the neutering process.

The tipping process involves removing one-fourth of an inch from the tip of the cat's left ear (while under anesthesia). Cats with such a marking will show that the feline has been vaccinated and sterilized.

The new fee schedule will be $35 for a cat, $45 for a kitten, $55 to $150 for an adult mixed-breed dog, $85 to $150 for an adult small-breed dog, and $85 to $150 for a puppy.

The ordinance also calls for a $40 “hold provision” for those wanting to adopt, but need more time to think about it. Battson explained that $20 of that would go to the shelter, while the other $20 would count towards the adoption.

On March 5, Battson provided figures that show the animal shelter took in 737 cats in 2016. A total of 537 of them were euthanized under the old trap-and-euthanize system, which has been used for the past 10 years here.

Under a trap-and-remove policy, used for the past year, the city took in 416 cats, euthanized 52 of then and transferred out 100 cats.

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