Rain delayed the start of Phase 4 of the Downtown Streetscape project on Monday.

This phase of Streetscape will progress from just north of South Ohio Avenue’s intersection with 7th Street to just south of its intersection with 5th Street. Similar to other phases of the project, water lines, sidewalks, lighting and the roadway will be replaced.

Businesses along these two blocks will be open and accessible by pedestrians as a sidewalk will always remain available to the businesses. Parking will be available on side streets and through use of the Public Parking Lot on the corner of 7th and Ohio.

As the 5th Street and 7th Street intersections were updated in the prior phase of Streetscape, these intersections will remain open to traffic throughout the project.

Randy Kirby

Drivers should anticipate South Ohio from just north of the 7th Street intersection to just south of the 6th St. intersection to be closed to through traffic.

Plans are for the intersection at 6th Street and South Ohio Ave. to close to through traffic beginning May 11 to allow for construction of that intersection. Presently, plans are for the section of S. Ohio from 6th Street to just south of its intersection with 5th Street to be closed beginning May 25.

As sections of the project are completed those portions of the project will be re-opened to traffic. The City noted that the project is weather and equipment dependent and may be delayed due to rain or equipment breakdowns.

Randy Kirby