There are over 20,000 residents in Sedalia, Missouri. Everyone who lives here, and anyone that is from here, knows these five things about Sedalia.

  • You're Going to Wait a Long Time for That Train

    We once asked the Sedalia Convention and Visitors Bureau about some of the funny questions they have received from visitors. The very first thing they told us was, "What time does the train stop here (Katy Depot)?" The Katy Depot hasn't had a passenger train pass through since 1958. If you need to catch a train, you'll probably have better luck at the Amtrak station.

    Randy Kirby
  • Fireworks Aren't Just for the Fourth of July

    The State Fairgrounds has always been a popular place for Fourth of July fireworks. Everyone likes fireworks on Independence Day, but that's not the only time for a huge public fireworks display in Sedalia. Fireworks on Thanksgiving night at the Hotel Bothwell is an annual tradition for many Sedalians.

    Randy Kirby
  • There Are Always Things Happening at the State Fairgrounds

    How many of us have had to explain to visitors from out of town what happens at the State Fairgrounds when the Fair isn't going on? All of us, right? Tough Mudder, NFPB Pro Bull Riding, Kidabaloo, the Haunted Hayride, racing, the Cabin Fever Sports Show, it's very common to find fun stuff to do at the State Fairgrounds outside the official State Fair dates.

    Kurt Parsons
  • Rodeo Rules in Rural Missouri

    St. Louis is a baseball town. LA is America's best basketball city. In Sedalia, rodeo's becoming huge. There are several chances throughout the year to see pro bull riding, if not a full rodeo. "Sedalia is unlike any town of its size that I know of. It's kind of become bull riding town America. It's the perfect community for it," said NFPB President Clint Jackson.

    Randy Kirby
  • Where to Get the Best BBQ

    Just to be clear, not everyone agrees exactly which place has the best BBQ, but everyone has a favorite. And there are several BBQ restaurants in town to choose from, including a drive-thru BBQ joint, a BBQ restaurant that frequently brings in live bands, a national chain, and even a place where you can eat inside a train (which also does not stop at the Katy Depot).

    David Smith, ThinkStock