There are certain things that set our town apart from all others. Things that you only really appreciate if you're from here, or at least have been here for a while. Here are ten signs you might be from Sedalia, Missouri.

Downtown Sedalia, Missouri
Kurt Parsons

You watch fireworks every year...on Thanksgiving.

You've stood outside in the cold so your kids can go on a haunted hayride.

You're tired of explaining what a Guberburger is.

Whenever someone tells you they're going to a concert, you remember the time you saw the same act at the Missouri State Fair.

You've never been able to come up with a good excuse to book a room at the Hotel know...'cause you live here. You really want to check it out, though.

Every time you drive by the sign you think that Sedalia is kind of a small town for a Museum of Contemporary Art.

You know at least one person that always talks about how cool it would be if there was a Sacred Heart/Smith-Cotton football game. You also think it would be kind of cool if there was a Sacred Heart/Smith-Cotton football game.

You've driven through empty parking spaces so you could avoid the speed bumps next to J.C. Penney (which is probably illegal and you really shouldn't do).

You've been asked if Janis Joplin was related to Scott Joplin.

Back to the State Fair. You've visited the radio station booth, played the games, won, and then hid your free station hat or shirt so that you can go to the other station's booth and win stuff from them, too. (It's OK. We know. We still love you.)

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