The effects of the state wide flooding has caused some problems for wildlife and some  Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) areas.

Heavy rains have caused historic flooding for much of Missouri, impacting homes, neighborhoods, roads, and even entire towns throughout the state. Wildlife, however, is well adapted to extreme weather conditions. 

According to experts at the MDC, many species have the ability to move to higher ground and can avoid flooding and high waters. For example, Deer and elk are also strong swimmers and are occasionally sighted swimming across rivers as large as the Mississippi and Missouri.

As far as fishing goes, Missouri fish are well adapted to flooding. During floods, some fish move long distances, while others find refuge in local habitat such as root wads, logs, boulders, and flooded back waters.

According to MDC Fisheries Division Chief Brian Canaday, “Your favorite fishing spot may look different after the flood, but the fish are still there and fishing will still be good in Missouri’s lakes, rivers, and streams.”

The Missouri Department of Conservation recommends before you visit conservation areas around the state, check the MDC website for closings at

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