My Food Adventures In Sedalia series continues and lots of you had the suggestion that I needed to try Little Big Horn.  Last Friday, my entire station all met for lunch there. Let me share my observations, and thoughts.

We all got drinks, and those of us who also got water received a glass with the Mizzou logo on it.  A small detail, but I noticed it and I think it does add a nice touch to the localness of the place.  Now lets get to the food!

Above you have their house salad, (I got Blue Cheese dressing, and would have liked tomatoes and croutons) along with fried green tomatoes (just the right bit of tanginess) fried portobello mushrooms (delicious) and the onion rings.  They all come with ranch.  I was not impressed with the onion rings, (nice size, but not enough flavor for me) but thumbs up on the other two.  The three apps were enjoyed by the table.

Above are the Delmonico Steak Sandwich, a daily special, with homemade cowboy chips.  I would prefer a touch more salt on the chips, but they were crisp.  Rob had the sandwich, which he ordered plain, and it was described as very flavorful, and cooked to temperature.  Randy had the St. Louis Hickory Smoked Ribs.  Comes with 2 sides and Texas toast.  Baked beans (homemade) with hand cut fries. Tangy BBQ sauce added a nice touch and the fries are delicious.  Randy thought the baked beans were just average.

Market Manager Craig went with, what I almost ordered.  Hot Beef Sandwich.  Cottage Cheese for a side. Served open faced.  Tender beef, slow roasted, brown gravy.  Yeah, I got to order this next time.  Craig recommends using a knife and fork.  The next dish is the New Orleans Sampler.  Shrimp, Catfish, and Oysters.  Homemade slaw, tarter and cocktail sauce.  Our sales staffers Mike, Lori, and Aubrey ordered this one, available in full or half orders.  Crispy, not soggy, and easy to share.

Sampler platter (half order) and the Dead Chicken Sandwich.  Behka ordered this sandwich.  More than enough to fill your stomach.  I ordered the Chicken Fried Steak dinner and forgot to take a picture.  Got the country gravy on it, with 2 sides.  Loved the green beans, and I got the smashed potatoes.  I must admit, I didn't like the smashed potatoes, because I prefer mine smoother.  Gravy, needed salt and pepper.  But the steak was breaded to perfection and very flavorful.

Final dish, home made apple pie.  I could taste the hints of cinnamon and the crust was crispy.  I didn't ask if Ice Cream was available, but rest assured, I will next time.  There are a few cheesecakes also available (Peanut Butter I am looking to try)

This place was worth all the hype it got.  Check out their Facebook page HERE.

  •  150 S Limit Ave, Sedalia, MO 65301
  •  (660) 826-8194

I also will mention, I got a lot of food, for the prices they charged.  Worth every penny.

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